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B i o g r a p h y

Jaclyn Rylee is a superb talent that has been involved in music since she was five.  Her talent began at the piano where she was classically trained for years by some of the most notable instructors such as Estelle Majors, popular music with John DeWar and the late, well-known jazz musician, George Salisbury.  She studied at the Conservatory of Music, UMKC and also studied Improvisational Jazz with the timeless works of Dave Brubeck.

Ms. Rylee is respected for her Classical styles, that includes the work of great masters; Gershwin, Berlin, Porter, Burdock, and Wellington.  Her talent is versatile and also includes the work of well known contemporaries: Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, Barbara Streisand, Frank Sinatra, Jim Brickman, Michael Franks, Yanni, and George Winston.  Her versatile song catalog covers all the popular songs from the 20’s through today’s hits, which guarantees a connection with any and all audiences.

Jackie is a life-long resident of Kansas City and has been performing professionally for 30 years.  In Kansas City, she has displayed her talent with Theatre in the Park, Starlight Theatre and also accompanied from first grade through College, specifically for students in music classes, choirs and those who participated at State Contests.  She is also an accompanist for the Kansas City Ballet.

Ms. Rylee’s unique talent has placed her in demand for some of the finest venues in the Midwest that include the Country Club, Hotel, and Nightclub circuits.  She also shares her piano and vocal gifts by performing for numerous private parties and at many retirement facilities in and around Kansas City area to bring musical joy to the elderly who cannot attend her heart-touching performances.

Jackie is unique, dynamic and a seasoned professional who knows how to speak to your heart through Classical, Contemporary, Latin, Broadway, Swing and Jazz Music.  

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